Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heather Mills gets 48 Million

Heather Mills McCartney got 48 million total. A far cry from what she was trying to milk her ex-hubby for and I am sure far more than Paul McCartney wanted to pay proving that stamping your FOOT in public doesn't always work even for the rich. In his ruling the judge stated that Heather Mills evidence was "inconsistent, inaccurate" and "less than candid". In other words she is a liar as well as a tart!
I don't usually weigh in on these kind of topics as I think that the whole star break-up crack-up scene is obscene. It really is about people with more money than character as a rule. In this case I think that Heather Mills is a vindictive money grubbing hag. If I were him I would consider it money well spent to be rid of her. And for everyone's sake I hope that we have seen the last of her too.
Now go ahead and ask me how I really feel.


  1. Gee,, If I'd known that it would only take 48 mil to be rid of an
    E-VILE blonde haired demon,, I would have paid it long ago to be rid of the H creature.....

  2. Now now... you know that kind of talk is not good for your health. You have proved that!

  3. Hey - if I dye my hair blonde will you pay me 48 mil to go away... I'll even go happily for oh... lets say 1 million.
    Negotiable - every thing is negotiable.

  4. I say if he's crazy enough to marry her he's crazy enough to pay her ... so there.

    Nice to see GT back and commenting, eventho he hasn't come by my blog ...whatever. :P

    I just tagged ya, btw :) 'Cause you haven't had enough of those lately.

  5. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Heather has his child. I'm certain the drama is far from over.

  6. Stacee - you have just blown my bubble. I was hoping to never hear her whine again.