Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunset At Crescent Beach

I worked most of the weekend. However Saturday late afternoon was warm and sunny so Lucy and I went to the beach for some late afternoon picture taking and stayed for the glorious sunset. Later tired and happy from an hour or two of picture taking I came home and watched the movie "Rendition". Movies that are based on these kinds of truths disturb me and I must say I spent Sunday in a pensive mood. For me the question is what can I do about the terrible human rights violations that are occurring around the world and that most of us seem so silent about?
I have no answers - do you?
There is a new flickr badge on the left with more pictures if yo u are interested.


  1. I have lots of answers,, but somehow I don’t think Nuking everybody I don’t like will
    make everyone happy…

    You live by the beach?...Why didn’t you tell me…I love to get sick on the seashore while picking up seashells in the sand on Sundays
    in September…Do you have a spare room for me?
    I promise I’ll take my blue pills,, mostly,, maybe,, if I feel like it….

    your so cute when you get mad at my

  2. Aren't the blue pills Viagra? What are you planning to use to pick up those shells? Hmmmmmmm

  3. lol @ the blue pill issue. Yes, I'd check that out first Catz before you let him visit.

    Those photos are wonderful! I especially like the first one.

    As for your question ... get involved with Amnesty International, or think local, get involved in community organizations that make a difference.

  4. Hey Lorelei, I think you are right on the blue pills - question is how did you know? *lol*

    gt281 any time you want to come visit I have a dog house in the back yard just waiting for company.

    Drowsey-monkey - I have been involved all my life with different organizations, but I have this feeling that the infractions we are seeing today is beyond most peoples comprehension and I think that until there is a massive outcry from people in various countries and a vow to charge those countries that are involved with war crimes then the disgusting practices will still go on.