Sunday, April 27, 2008

At A Conference In Victoria

I am in Victoria for a few days for a conference. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. In the background of this picture you can see the the parliament buildings. I took this picture on my phone from inside the Keg restaurant where I am enjoying a great big steak!

See Ya in a couple of Days!

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  1. Great picture, especially with your phone! My blackberry does not take pictures.

    Have you gotten any of my emails on your phone? I've responded to all you've sent but I'm never sure if you get mine back!

    Have fun!

  2. Sorry - I have gotten all of your messages. I just never have time to write back.

  3. I'm impressed you did that from your blackberry. Hell I'm impressed with anyone who can operate a blackberry, I don't even have a cell phone!

    Enjoy your trip! :) But where's Lucy?

  4. Miss Lucy spent two days on the ninth floor of the Harbourside Hotel charming the staff and chowing down on cheeseburgers! Then my daughter brought her home, but not until she had taken her to the best doggie beach in BC. So I think she did pretty good. Check out her picture on her site!

  5. omg...she's so spoiled! Good for her. :)