Sunday, April 06, 2008

Where Does The Weekend Go?

It seems to me that the weekends go by in a blink of an eye! I try ever weekend to get outside inhale nature. I try to cram as much of it inside me to last through a whole week. Miss Lucy and I headed to the valley this Saturday even though the weather was not that good. I am working several different jobs again and so when I get a whole day to myself I just need to walk in the woods and let Miss Lucy have a swim and a good run. Of course I have to take my camera and catch what I can to bring home with me to make it till the next time I am able to run away for a day or two.
This weekend in the valley I spotted a lot of Eagles. I am not sure if they are returning to their nesting for breeding or if the Fraser River has an abundance of food right now. Unfortunately all the eagles were too high in the air to get good pictures of , but I loved this shot of the underside of this eagle soaring over my head.
I have discovered that if you look for nature you spot it everywhere! My daughter really could care less if she ever sees a bird in her life. Having lived most of her life in the city birds to her mean pigeons and crows neither of which does she like. To me birds mean chickadees and blue jays and woodpeckers and blue herons of course the magnificent eagles. My daughter never seems to see the birds or much of any other wild animals and is amazed that I can spot these wild things almost everywhere I go. For me they are a life line to sanity and peace. Some day I am going to get to live in the country away from the bustle, noise and pollution of the city. Even if it means living in a tent. Can't be so hard... after all Chiwid managed to live outdoors for 50 years!


  1. I know what ya mean...but I had to work Saturday so it was even shorter!

    I love that photo..just amazing. I know what you mean about birds...they amaze me. I've always lived in the city .. or a small town, but I've always enjoyed nature. I have doves living on top of my balcony ... and can hear them cooing, it's great unless I'm trying to sleep. Of course then there's the poop! LOL

    I tagged ya if you're interested. :)

  2. Beautiful picture. We have a lot of blue birds around here.