Sunday, April 13, 2008

Would Someone Please Give Those Birds A Cheeseburger!

Where a lot of people on the West Coast spent the weekend - at the beach!

I can't believe it has been almost a week since I posted anything. I can't remember when I have gone that long with out saying anything stupid of boring or that would piss off one country or another.
This past week has been extremely busy. With my Aunt in hospital and taking extra work for my constituency I just have not had time to do much blogging. I don't expect it to get much better over the next couple of weeks.
This weekend I tried to find some time to go get out doors as the weather has finally gotten warmer... a lot warmer. In fact I took Lucy to the beach and there were so many people out there having a great time in the surf! Lucy however spent her time fishing.
This weekend saw the return of the Cheeseburger birds. For those of you who can sleep on a bed of nails or through a tornado, Cheeseburger birds are those little birds that seem to carry on and on and on early in the morning. They seem to be screaming for Cheeseburgers and they are most notable after you have been tossing and turning all night and just as the night is turning to grey they start. CHEEESEBURGER...CHEEESEBURGER!!!! They scream this incessantly till you finally get out of bed and then for the rest of the day you don't hear them anymore. Now I never figured out what they were saying till my daughter staggered into the kitchen one morning after a wakeful night muttering under her breath "where's the coffee and one won't someone give those damn birds a CHEESEBURGER! The next time I couldn't sleep sure enough the cheeseburger birds showed up. I have never seen one of these birds I have only heard them! I am not sure if they have them in other places or just in BC, but I will guarantee you anyone in BC who has a problem sleeping will be able to tell you what a cheeseburger bird is in no uncertain terms.

This is NOT a Cheeseburger bird!

It is a hawk that I managed to capture on my camera at the bird sanctuary!


  1. here in the land of the cornstalks we have something called a 'whiperwill'...if you leave you window open at night during the nicer days,, it will wait you up at the crack of dawn...whiperwill,,whiperwill,,..
    sorry no roosters around here...

    found this news article:...
    Canada has a very very honorable way of paying respect to its fallen guardians…even if you don’t agree with the reasons they are there…wish I could say the same about the good ole US OF A…..

  2. I think that sounds like Cheeseburger birds to me!

    I could not find the article as it was already gone, but I think you are talking about the flags at half mast? If so it is quite controversial here.

  3. hmmmm…go here….…..
    “how Britain treats its heroes (Pics)… more….
    It was there this morn….if your interested......

  4. That is pretty normal for up here. We may predominantly be anti war, but we respect and revere the young men and women who serve our country. We used to lower the flag every time a soldier died, but our current government does not want to do that. There are good arguments pro and con that one.

  5. "We may predominantly be anti war, but we respect and revere the young men and women who serve our country."

    Well said!
    Catz, it's always interesting to hear what people from other countries think Of America. I love my country, but I'm ashamed of our government. Some Americans can't differentiate between the two. A patriot supports their country, not necessarily their government.

  6. Where's the recording?! I want to hear them.

  7. rainlillie - you are so correct! The government should reflect their people sometimes I am not sure of that in my own country, but right now in the US the people I know there are nothing like the government they live under. I hope the tide will turn. The US is filled with such good people like you.

    Elle jaye - You know it would be just like you to want to have a recording. You never know one night when I can't sleep I may just get up and spend my time setting up a tape recorder for you.

  8. I think I'm hearing those brds now...wait it is 1:40am...BATS!