Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Birthday Hang Over

My birthday is over and I think I celebrated Friday & Saturday enough for several birthdays, so I was not disappointed that I had no real plans for Sunday(my actual birthday), but I was not expecting to discover that Miss Lucy needed to go to the vet! Miss Lucy got an abscess on her bottom and had to get it drained. The pour girl was in such pain. We had to put her in a head cone so she would not try and chew at herself and she really hated that. So did I.
It has taken me two days just to get over my birthday weekend. There was just too much eating and drinking for me. Especially the eating. I might have missed out on the birthday cake, but I certainly did not miss out on anything else ( I am ashamed to say the my daughter took me to the Keg for prime rib on Sunday night as well) and my body is definitely the worse for it.Need I say more...

It is time for the four letter word DIET and worse exercise.

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  1. I think that's the fun of birthdays! Over-indulgence! :)