Sunday, July 15, 2007

Different Yet the Same

The world's tallest man ,Bao Xishun,shaking hands with He Pingping, the man who hopes to be declared the world's smallest man. Although few of us in the world will be so different from the rest of the world as these two this picture reminds me of how different and unique each of us.
At the same time I recognize that mankind no matter their size, shape, color or background are basically the same the world over. We all start out as babies with the very same needs and desires. The need for food, warmth, shelter and most of all nurturing. As we grow we still have those very same needs, but now we also want to feel part of the greater whole and useful and productive. Our need for nurturing now turns into our need to be loved and needed. Yet we all have unique ways of going about these things and what might make me feel productive and included may not be what does that for others. What feels like love to my neighbor or co-worker may not feel that way to me.
We are all created uniquely different, yet underneath it all we are so much alike.

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  1. What a great picture! And so true, we are all different but more alike than many of us want to admit probably!