Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Morning at the Beach

It is amazing what you can cram into a day. This morning I wanted to get some time to take Lucy to Semiahmoo Beach for a swim. It was a gorgeous day for it so I got up early and worked till 10:30 am and then she and I grabbed my camera and off we went.
Semiahmoo is about 15 minutes from my house and right on the edge of the US. In fact from the beach you can see the Peace Arch and the Canadian and American flags flying. As friendly as that sounds and the fact that at low tide you could swim to the other side I for one would not be trying it. Those border guards can move faster than you can say "free donuts" when they want to and I have been in their offices there and they have a great view of that beach.
This beach is the only beach in the area that allows dogs on it . Can you believe that? Miles and miles of beach and you can't take a dog even on a leash? I have dirty and more rabid friends than most dogs I know, but those are the rules except at this beach which is owned by the Semiahmoo Indian band and I am very grateful to them for letting us go there and walk our dogs.
Today the tide was very far out and Lucy and I walked right out to the edge only to discover that it was a very busy day there. There were kingfishers, seagull, ducks and an immature eagle all fishing for salmon and obviously the run was in and they were getting their fill.
Lucy enjoyed playing with her chuckit and chasing the birds when she got a chance. Meanwhile I couldn't snap pictures fast enough. I decided to put them in a slide show for you. You can have a better look if you click on View All Images.

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  1. Lucy cracks me up! She is too cute. Those pictures are all so majestic and peaceful (I guess unless you get too close to the border patrols!). Thanks for sharing them!