Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th! Yeah Right !

Friday the 13th, and what a day it has been. I was late for work because I thought I locked my office keys in the house. So I drove ...oh let me see .... twenty minutes round trip to my daughters work and got her keys only to get home and find that my keys were where???? Why right in the car the whole time. They had merely fallen between the seat and the console!!! Now I don't really believe in bad luck on certain days. So I just chalked it all up to old timers disease. You know we all get it ... forget the keys, can't remember where we put that special something so it would be safe... have to leave yourself notes all over the house so you can remember to take that book to the library. Yep! That must be what it is.
So after work, with the sun being out and the cool breeze making it perfect for a trip down to Vancouver with my daughters for a walk on the sea wall with Lucy and a bite to eat I loaded up the car and we headed out. All seemed to be going as planned until half way there the car decided to spew steam!!!! A hose had come loose from my radiator and spilled the coolant out all over the engine and almost causing the car to seriously over heat. So I called my BCAA to get some road side service and was told by John, the dispatcher, that my card was due up in three days and guess what all my available road side service days have been used up for this year. No problem I will just pay up right now on my credit card for next year and I will have five new days right John ? NO.... it doesn't matter if I pay or not I will not be allowed any more days for three days!!!! So... my daughter and I trudge up to the gas station 12 blocks away and buy a water can and fill it with water and fix the hose and tighten the clamp and several men stop to examine what we are doing and lend useless advice. Hours later, covered with dirt and grease and anti-freeze, we finally get going and head slowly back home praying that the clamp holds till I can get the car to a mechanic in the morning.
It is now almost midnight thank goodness and Friday the 13th is almost over and I can hardly wait and next time the 13th falls on a Friday I am staying in bed with a good book , Lucy beside me and bag of munchies and I am not going out till it is over.
I really hope that everyone else had a better Friday the 13th than I did.

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  1. That's terrible that they would just leave you stranded like that! I'm sorry your 13th wasn't much fun, but at least you can't say it was boring. ;-) I'm glad you made it home safely.

    Ours wasn't too bad, but we did go to a dr's appt and parked in the parking garage under the building and the dr's receptionist gave us stickers on our ticket to pay for the parking and when we got to the gate trying to leave hubby put his hand out for the ticket and I put it in his hand but he didn't close his fingers around it and I watched it flutter, flutter, flutter down between the seats! You'd think it'd be easy to retrieve but neither of us could find the stupid thing. We're at the gate holding up all the traffic behind us who want to leave, I'm pulling out trash left and right from under the seat but can't even see the ticket. We had cash, but without the ticket they make you pay the full daily rate because they don't know when you got there. I got out of the car and we moved the seat up and it took about 5 minutes of frantically searching before hubby finally spotted it and I was able to grab it.

    Friday the 13th's are crazy days!