Monday, October 29, 2007

The Problem with Mondays

I took yesterday as a day off spending the time with friends in the morning for brunch and shopping with my daughter in the afternoon. I cut Miss Lucy's walk very short as she is having Halloween jitters from the fireworks going off. Last year they made them illegal so now we only have a couple of weeks of them instead of a whole month!
Monday arrived, complete with our usual west coast rain, all too quickly for me this morning. Rolling out of bed before six I asked myself when it was that I started to feel like crap every morning. There was a time I only felt that way when I was hung over. Now, my head may not ache, but everything else sure does.
In desperate need of coffee I decided to try and hold together the pieces of the electric coffee maker ( I burned the bottom out of it this weekend. Domestic goddess I am not! ) in order to jump start my body with caffeine. Having accomplished this feat I left the house armed with an extra large thermos cup and feeling as though I might make it through the day after all. However, not long after I got on the road I took a big gulp only to discover I had left the lid slightly undone. I spilled half of it on myself and the car console requiring me to stop and mop up all the while asking myself when I would learn that I am incapable of drinking coffee in moving vehicles or when walking or anything other than sitting down for that matter.
While the rest of the day went pretty well, I realized that part of the problem with Monday morning is that there are four more mornings before the weekend!
Ah well.... Tuesday is another day and come to think of it another attempt at the dreaded passport office.


  1. I wish you good luck at the passport office this week! Oh, and an easier (and cleaner) way to infiltrate your body with caffeine in the morning is CHOCOLATE. Not only caffeine, but copious amounts of sugar to boot! It's a perfect wake-me-up in the morning, and doesn't burn you or ruin your clothes (too badly) when it is dropped or otherwise escapes being eaten.


  2. Don't tempt me!!