Thursday, October 04, 2007

Off to the Cariboo!

It is Thanksgiving this coming weekend and I am taking a break with Miss Lucy. We are driving up to 100 Mile House tomorrow and staying until Monday morning. the drive takes about 5 hours and takes you through some beautiful cattle country. My friend Ali moved there last year and hasn't been back to the coast since. She tells me she has no desire to leave the bush and is quite happy with her five cats. I can understand quite well how she feels because when I get up there I don't want to come back either. Ali actually lives in Deka Lake, a 20 minute drive from 100 Mile, a community that is mainly summer homes. I have a great time when I am there. Lucy and I hike and of course I take pictures. This time of year the colors of the changing leaves is breath taking. Last time I was there I took pictures of the most decorated outhouses . I was quite taken with the creativity of people up there when it comes to their outhouses.
Lucy has two reasons to go there the first being the constant access to swimming and hiking all weekend and the second to be spoiled rotten by Ali. Lucy not only gets to sleep with Ali she gets all the belly rubs she wants and Ali always cooks her a steak!
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend. See you next week!


  1. I didn't realize your Thanksgiving was next weekend. What a wonderful time to have it! I wish ours was in lovely October as well, instead of putrid November. That lake looks beautiful, and I loved that outhouse pic! Do you have to worry about bears out there???

  2. Actually there are a whole series of pictures of outhouses that I blogged along with that one. I got quite taken with them - kinds says something about me :)
    There are lots of bears up there so I have Lucy's bear bell with me as well it is hunting season (YUK) so I have a flashing collar that I use on her when we are out. There are also cougar in the area so I don't really let Lucy go to far off the leash in the really rugged areas.
    Lorelei - pretend it is your Thanksgiving and sit the family down for dinner and have everyone tell each other what they are most thankful for - that ritual is one of my favorite things about thanksgiving and I often wonder why we have to have an occasion to be thankful!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I'm really enjoying your site, but I still luv Lucy's too!

    It looks beautiful in BC - I've never been there, hope you share some pics from the weekend. Drive safe & Happy Thanksgiving!