Monday, October 01, 2007

Where have I been?

Friday I went to this lovely new little Italian restaurant near my house with friends and had a wonderful dinner of homemade Crespelle, the Italian equivalent of French crepes, stuffed with spinach and cheese all covered in a creamy sauce and shredded cheese. Yum! It was delicious.. I took my camera to take some pictures of this little place as I am writing a review of it for BC Restaurants, but the place was so busy that I did not feel it was a great time to do that and I ended up forgetting it there. Fortunately I remembered about two hours later and was able to get to them before they all left for the evening.
Note to self - don't take camera when you are going to eat too much good food and drink too much good wine!
All weekend long I have been doing little things to get ready for winter that all too soon will be here. Most of Saturday and Sunday I spent getting rid of old summer clothes and packing the rest of them away and then getting out my winter clothes and seeing what I will need this year. I do this little ritual twice a year Spring and Fall every year and usually look forward to the coming seasons to some extent, but this year I am really dreading winter. We seemed to have so little summer here and what we did have I did not have much time to enjoy it so I am dragging my heels kicking and screaming for more sun, more time out doors with out being bundled under several layers of clothing, more time to take pictures of sunsets instead of rain drops. I can' t remember when I have felt less like facing winter. Alas I must put chin up and find something to enjoy in this sloppy drizzly wet cold dank west coast winter.

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  1. I need to go through all my clothes too... Boo to Winter. :(