Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saying Goodbye!

I spent a busy Sunday doing a little of everything. I did get a chance to take Miss Lucy to Mud Bay for a quick walk this morning. It was the first time I have been there with her, but I think I will go back again soon. It is not the best place to walk her, but it is a great place to see birds as part of it is a bird sanctuary and I am hoping that the eagles that usually nest along the edge of it in the winter will be back again this year. In order to get there you have to drive a dirt road that is pitted with pot holes. Not terribly good on the car. However sometimes there are some great views of the mountains from here and between that and the eagles I should be able to get some good winter pictures I hope. Also it is only about 15 minutes from home by car.
The weekend has been very warm and as I couldn't get out much yesterday I tried to get out as much as time would allow me today. I know it is the last of the warm rays for a long time. The weather people are predicting a miserable winter. Cold, lots of wet snow and of course rain, rain and more rain.

So late today I went out back to check on the garden and look at the last sunflower. It is a beat up sad looking thing, but I love sunflowers and this time of the year they seem to be one of the last flowers standing in the gardens. They seem to bring a bright last smile to say goodbye to fall while we tumble into winter.


  1. It's very sad to say goodbye to summer. I think that last sunflower is quite majestic and proud-looking. Stand tall; stand proud Mr. Sunflower, you did well. We will see you again next year.

  2. Tell me Lorelei, are you affected by SAD in the winter? I am not sure how dark and dismal it gets where you live? Here it can be weeks before we have any sunshine and we go to work in the dark and come home in the dark and I walk Lucy in the dark. Miserable.

  3. No, I am not personally affected by SAD except for the fact that I simply hate the cold and winter in general. I do have family members (my Mom and a cousin especially) who definitely are affected by SAD. It does get dark here too and if you can't get outside during the day you do not see daylight at all. With the time change you're supposedly at least supposed to see daylight when you're leaving work but it's not much and it's not for very long. Do you have one of those SAD lamps? I've heard they help a lot.