Monday, April 07, 2008

The I'll Show You Mine Tag!

I don't know, but is there a tag or meme that Drowsey Monkey has not had? This time it is the "I'll Show You Mine" that is my desk top of course!
I actually did this one a few months ago, but for Drowsey I'll do it again and I change my desktop all the time. I like to put up some of the photos I take and because I take so many it changes quite often. So here it is.. drum roll please!
Yes... I know all those icons slow down my computer. Actually I just cleaned a bunch of them off so this is the clean version. Anyhow the rule of course is that I am to pass this meme on so here is who I will pass this on to:
DJ A Stellar Life
Nervus Rex
Oh and remember it is voluntary!

Do you remember when I put up the "What's with those Brits?" post about the guys in England who trek through the bush to steal birds eggs and consider this a hobby even though it is illegal. Well for all of you who didn't really believe this story, including my friend Frances who lives in Plymouth, here is a picture of one of those freaks with all his illegal stolen birds eggs!!

Can you believe this?!?! I just don't understand.


  1. LOL, I would be embarrassed to show my desktop, my own photo is smacl in middle and I can't figure how to get it off. (And of course I have no clue how to show you my desktop either.

  2. Well good on ya for having your picture in the middle of your desktop! There are lots of free programs that you can use to screen capture, but don't worry about doing it. It is always optional these tags and meme's.

  3. I still have dolphins on mine. I'm going to go look for a nice warm summer scene.

  4. Okay, let's give this a try! :) You've offered me a challenge to learn something new!

  5. no...there isn't a tag I haven't had and there aren't too many I haven't passed on to you! LOL

    That desktop is way cooler than mine. I'm thinking boring isn't good.

    The eggs..WTF? So weird!

  6. Ah well. I love you tags and meme's Drowsey!

    Well... boring is okay if you like it that way. Look at it this way you are far neater than I am.

    Good on ya Nervus Rex for taking up the challenge! It is always good to learn something new. Trust me I am stuck with that every day in my job.

    rainlillie - a nice warm summer scene would be great. In fact Summer would be great!

  7. Well, as I said, I haven't met anybody who does this. Recently. Or for the last 40+ years, at least! It is certainly illegal. But, I recall having my own small bird egg collection when I was little. It wasn't thought bad then and certainly wasn't illegal. And I was a member of the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds!) But I most certainly wouldn't do it now - nor do I know anybody who would.
    I wouldn't blame just the Brits though - I would imagine this happens in a lot of countries - it's just that it made a news story here! And there are a lot of countries which do legal things, which we consider not right. For instance, eating dogs (Japan? Korea?), eating horses (France), eating bulls' balls (France!), whaling (Japan, Iceland), beating baby seals on the head (?! :))

  8. Great screen shot - some one tagged me with this too and you just reminded me to get on with it.

    What's with these guys stealing eggs? Are they mad? Sick sick people.

  9. What a pretty desktop! And the egg guy is quite the freak!

  10. Okay... now before we roast the Brits here my friend Frances is correct. All countries do things to wildlife that we shouldn't! Not just the Brits. However, I am really ashamed of myself as I didn't really even think of the ramifications for wildlife... I just found the idea of grown men skulking through the bushes for birds eggs to be very strange. However, I am sure there are weirder things to collect out there. My apologies to all the British people I have offended! However Frances... I really think you should get a medal if you ate that duck that you sent me a picture of *lol*

  11. Hi Catz

    What a fabulous photo; my photos never look that great. Don't know if it's the camera or me. I've been running an orchid theme for probably a year now with a matching screen saver. It's sure good to be back; I'll be catching up gradually.