Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter

The last book in the Harry Potter series has arrived and I am sure that millions of people especially children around the world have been reading this book all weekend. Every time a new Harry Potter book comes out our family pre-orders and it is delivered first thing on Saturday morning. If I am not home the mail man usually leaves it at my door. This weekend I could not be home nor any one else in the household and on Saturday afternoon on my way home I thought how great it would be to get home and find the book! (can you believe that?)Alas the mail man for the first time in since I moved in here was worried about security for some reason and chose to leave me a notice to pick it up today at the post office instead. I was surprised at how disappointed not only myself, but my daughters (both adults I might add) were to have to wait till today to get the book. Now JK Rowling is either a very good writer with a very good book or she has a marvelous marketing team!
I have read every one of the books in this series and loved every one. They are like brain candy. Every page seems to hold a surprise. They are not rocket science, just good fun and relaxing, but I also realize that one of the best things about the book is that so many others are reading them at the same time and it is great to be able to discuss the exciting twists and turns of the plot. Last time my household went into a total state depression over the death of the beloved Dumbledore. This time we are told that someone else will die and it could be Harry Potter himself. If that happens I am almost sure there will be a full fledge funeral right here in my living room for him.

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  1. Have fun reading! And sorry you had to wait!! What a disappointment. :(