Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Have they just "flocked off"?

I was up before the birds and the sun to get in line at the passport office. Because I was lucky enough to have a bright orange ticket I was whisked into the elevator along with one other lucky person to take our places at the front of the line. My papers were fondled and rubbed (my birth certificate had a crease in it apparently) and finally declared good enough to be sent off to for final approval and all going well and the bureaucrat that gets to check my references being in a good mood my passport should be in the mail within five weeks. I will keep my fingers crossed!
On the way to the passport office in an effort to keep myself awake I turned the radio to the Phillip Till morning show on CKNW. Phillip always has an unusual news story to share with his listeners. This morning it was about a flock of 90 sheep that just disappeared from a pasture in Switzerland. All sorts of possibilities flood one's mind about this incident. Perhaps a UFO sucked them up to examine them or maybe they just heard how good roast lamb is with mint sauce. I know there are days when I could eat a flock myself. Maybe there were just rustled like cattle are sometimes. However, one listener felt he had the inside scoop and e-mailed Philip to suggest that the sheep had not really disappeared they just "flocked off to greener pastures" .


  1. How the heck can that many sheep just disappear? Maybe someone stole them. Like, a restaurant owner.

  2. I don't know, but if would like to "flock off" myself some days!