Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still No Passport!

I was up, dressed and at the passport office fifteen minutes after they opened. I only had to wait about 20 minutes to get to a wicket. Every one who works there from the security guard to the clerks are very helpful and pleasant. However, the rules have all changed as of October 1st!! Of course they have now why didn't I think of that?????
The guarantor no longer needs to be in a profession, but all guarantors have to supply THEIR passport information! Something my boss didn't do because he said he had never had to do that before and he has signed dozens of them. So.... no cigar or rather passport! However I did get a bright orange paper and they told me that if I am at the office with the changes made when they open that little orange paper will give me the right to bypass everyone in the line and go straight to the IDIOTS WHO DIDN'T HAVE THEIR PAPERS FILLED OUT PROPERLY IN THE FIRST PLACE line! Says it should not take more than half an hour if I do what they tell me. Believe me I am listening.
  • Words of wisdom for the week. When tired and in a hurry and confused do not put your full coffee cup inside your purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Please tell me you did not put your full coffee cup inside your purse!!!

  2. Okay I will tell you I didn't, but can you tell me why there is a handbag hanging in my shower dripping what looks like and smells like coffee?

  3. hmmm...I sense more changes in your passport future. I've been there, done that. You do everything they tell you to and then they change the rules and think you're not going to freak! This is why I'm such a bad customer.

    Good luck! :)

  4. I will have to tell you our passport story. When we had a last minute trip to Amsterdam in Jan. '99 we had to get passports quick. We had to go down to the main office in Washington, D.C. that offered them same-day if you were willing to wait. I got mine no problem and had to leave my hubby there so I could go to work. He said he was just sitting there, hour after hour, while those around him came and left. Finally he noticed a security guard had been standing behind him, and he asked if there was a problem? The security guard simply asked him not to leave. After a while they called him up to the window and accused him of not paying his child support payments. He laughed and told them the only child he had was at home right now with his wife, so he didn't know what they were talking about. Evidently there is another "John Logsdon" somewhere who owes lots of money for child support. So my husband asked them if they had his social security number and they said yes. So he said, does my social security number match his social security number and they said no. So he told them to give him his passport and he was leaving. So they did.

    All those hours for nothing!!!! The government is nothing if not entertaining!

  5. Yes, they are very entertaining! The problem is that at the time you can's always see the humor!

  6. Drowseymonkey I have this sorry feeling you are going to be right!