Thursday, October 18, 2007

Those Naughty Delta Dogs!

Well the week has been full to the max. I feel as though I have not stopped running since I got up Monday morning. I have risen before the chickens and worked till late most evening and the sad part is I am not really sure that I have accomplished a whole lot. Oh well maybe it has an accumulative effect.
Tonight however I dragged my weary bones away from my computer to go to a rousing meeting of the parks board for Delta. For any of you planning to do anything like that in the next while I would advise against going if you are tired. I had to keep pinching myself to stay awake. I only went to hear the issue on dogs, but we had to listen to something about grass in some park somewhere and let me tell you there is a reason I am not a gardener. Anyhow about those big bad dogs and dog owners in Delta some interesting facts:
  1. According to the Delta Humane Society there are approximately 10,000 dogs in Delta!
  2. The Humane Society fielded 400 complaint calls about dogs in Delta in the last year and while they cannot give us exact details only a very few were about dogs off leash.
  3. The Humane Society issued a total of 50 fines in the past year for dog related violations and again only a very few were because of off leash infractions.
Given the statistics, which some how never made it into the newspaper along with all those nasty stories about dogs running amok on the streets and in the parks, chasing cats, squirrels and birds not to mention knocking over little old ladies and wildly licking babies, does Delta really want to invest a lot of time and money coming up with a system of rules to enforce something that according to the facts does not need increased policing???
Do we really have a problem with dogs in Delta given the statistics?


  1. You should write an editorial for the local paper!!!!!!

  2. You are so right and I do plan on writing some letters. In all fairness to the parks board here most of them also realized that we really don't have much of a problem here with dogs. It is really being driven by one person.