Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Food from Aboriginal to Zorastrianism!

I found an article in a news paper a few weeks back about the different ethnic and religious food restrictions for many people who live in our country. I found some of the food requirements interesting. Who knew if you were a witch that you would be required to eat bread and wine or that those people who run around bare foot, with bald heads ringing symbols would be required to eat foods prepared with utensils never used with unlawful foods. Maybe that is why they always look so hungry. For that matter who ever heard of Zoroastrians?
Aboriginal/First Nations Spirituality
Significant traditional spiritual/cultural/social events such a sweat lodge ceremony, pow-wo or round dance have a tradistional feast as part of the ceremony; they may require sacred foods such as strawberries, deer meat, bannok, game or certain types of fish.
Hare Krishna
Food eaten by Hare Krishna devotees must be Prasadam (spiritualized and must be prepared with the utmost cleanliness; utensils must not have been used to cook non-lawful foods like maeat, poultry, eggs and fish; lactovegetarian diet prohibits foods made from slaughtered animal by products including lar, yogurt, sour cream, cheese and breads containing lard; in an ideal situation, a Hare Krishna devotee would prepare his own meals.
Jehovah's Witnesses
Members avoid eating meat with blood left in it, or other foods to which blood has been added.
Kosher meat, ploultry and fish; for major Jewish festivals kosher wine. During Passover leavened bread, cake, cereal, macaroni and spaghetti is avoided and legumes are forbidden.
Primarily lacto-vergetarians who eat certain fish; for special feast days items such as yams, dasheen, green bananas and plantians, coco and callalio.
Baptized Sikhs have no set food requirements, but pudding and ghee are considered holiday foods.
The dietrary practice of Wiccans varies depending on traditions by which a coven identifies itself and individual conscience; Wiccans participate in ceremonies that require ritual foods and feast foods such as cake or bread and carbonated fruit juse or wine. Feasting is a sharing of food potluck style. (cake or bread and wine.... maybe I am Wiccan?!?!)
Worldwide Church of God
Pork and shellfish not allowed
Many follow a semi-vegetarian diet without beef, pork or poultry.

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