Sunday, January 27, 2008

You Can Never Fool Mother Nature!

All week long the weather guys in this province have been telling us that we are to get snow this weekend starting about noon on Saturday. Noon came and went and yes there were a few flakes, but nothing like the 5 - 10 centimeters they had promised us. In fact by 6 in the evening it was raining here and barely a flake to be seen. We all got a good chuckle, and thought we had really fooled mother nature. We went to our beds pretty smug that we had won! Till this morning when we awoke to white out conditions in many areas and the bridge that we have to cross for work for most of us was all but closed because of the wind and ice. At first I thought it was going to only last a little while and then hopefully rain - like yesterday! Nope - not a chance. About two o'clock the snow just stopped and the sun came out to display a winter wonderland. I took Lucy and headed to the bog late this afternoon for a solitary wander. It was quiet and lovely down there. Tomorrow however may be a horse of a different color (you remember gt281 I told you we had many here ). The temperatures are supposed to dip to -5 C making my trek to work a little tricky.


  1. What a beautiful snow though! I'm glad it's you and not me though that has that snow!!!!! :D

  2. yikes...that's gonna be cold! I'm so glad we don't have any snow here.

    That's a gorgeous pic...but the tree on your template scared me...LOL I thought it was part of the picture and then I scrolled...can ya tell I'm tired.

    *btw - when I leave a comment on lucy's blog I get an email error msg from your server.)

  3. Lorelei, It looks lovely and I would not mind in the least if I did not have to drive in this tomorrow!

    Drowseymonkey - I think that gt281 has got you spooked! He is terrified of my tree that is why I leave it here.
    BTW isn't this nice we get to have a bit of chat while he has probably fallen asleep in his scotch whisky! Or he ate too much Haggis... I know that stuff will kill ya!
    As for the error message ??? I will check it out thanks for the heads up!

  4. My goodness that was a long post...I'm tired now from all the reading i had to do...I think I'll go to bed......