Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So gt281, otherwise know as the nut case, tagged me, Musings, Drowsey, FairieKat, and AstroBob for an Oz meme. There are no rules except that gt281 gets lots of new material to use against us!

1….When Auntie Em’s house is seen twirling in the tornado,,
is it rotating clockwise or counterclockwise,, if you watch the film in Australia…

Duh! everyone who has ever lived in the south knows that tornadoes always spin counter clockwise. That's why you always buy the house on the left!

2….How big is the Tin Mans right big toe…

AS big as his heart!

3….How much did the producers have to paid HostessCupcakes to use the phase…”ding-dong” the witch is dead…

Nothing they stole the phase from the movie. I know this to be true because I once dated a lawyer who made his entire living trying to ding Hostess for stealing the "ding-dong" . Hmm... wonder what ever happened to him?

4….How many spitballs did the Munchkins shoot at Toto when Dorothy first arrived…

Hmmm... lets see there were 124 Munchkins X 2.44 spit = ???? If X = Spit... one slippery nasty lot!

5….What type of mustache wax does the mayor of Munchkinland use…

Lucky Tiger ...fine maker of Mustache wax since 1935... I dated a guy once who... oh maybe that story isn't for this crowd.

6….How many mice can be seen in the straw of the Scarecrow…

None the Winkies ate them!

7….How many bricks were used in the yellow brick road…

None they wouldn't pay union wages so the brick layers union wouldn't let them.
They forced the Munchkins to paint them on cloth. They were going to get the TinMan to do it but it cost too much for WD40 to oil his hinges so he could bend. This is true the guy I dated who used the Mustache wax (#5) told me.

8….What is a squadron of flying monkeys called…

Oh that is easy... The Flying Banana ramma bo banana's !

9....What did the Wicked Witch of the East eat that made her green…

Bad fish from a wanna be suitor - there gt281 now you have the whole story that make you happy? Yeah Yeah ... I can hear you snorting in your beer!

10…Why didn’t Dorothy pick up Toto’s poo poo when theywere going to the Emerald City…

The Apple tree told her not, but the apple tree was secretly working for the Delta Humane Society and they wanted to send someone to fine her and get her money and then she would have to pay more and more to take Toto to poo poo and soon Toto would be NoNo more!

11…Who is the man behind the curtain…

Hey how do you know about my creepy pervert neighbor? You don't live in our neighborhood do you? Have you seen him? Hey... wait a minute .... your the creep behind the curtain aren't you gt281?!?

12…How many horses of a different color are there…

Where I come from.... far too many for me to count!! Trust me on this one!

13…How long must HillaryDillary talk to fill up Professor Marvels hot-air balloon…

Not long because she was polite and let Obama go first.

14…How much would it cost in pre-inflation 1968 dollars to build the Emerald City today…

Would that be in Canadian Dollars or those falling US Bucks? Last time I was in your country some retailers tried to tell me that Canadian Bucks were worth a different amount in your country than in mine and to pay no attention to the world price?... So how's that work? I think I need that information first.

15…What size lederhosen does the Cowardly Lion wear…

The Cowardly Lion was not wearing leather shorts under all that fur... every one knows he was a cross dresser and only took the role because they promised him he could wear ladies pink panties under his costume!

So there ya go gt281 and you thought I couln't answer these didn't you? Well I fooled ya didn't I?? Pffffttttt to you too!!!


  1. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Hi Catz

    I don't know what it was that I was waiting for to kick me in the ass and send me sailing over here to your blog, I guess it was GT281's foot!

    A more adorable and clever post I could not have landed on. I'm still working on mine. I'm a fast typist with a slow mind.

    I've got the feeds to both of your blogs in my Bloglines reader, so I'm plugged in and ready to join in the fray. There's nothing better than a big kiddie pool called the blogosphere for grown-ups to splash and play! But how I hate it when I have to blow dry my gossamer wings, they get all wrinkly and crinkly!

    Faerie hugz


  2. #3…..”Hmm... wonder what ever happened to him?”….
    I believe he’s ding donging the waitress now…..

    #9…. I never snort beer,, it makes me sneeze and then it
    squirts out my ears….

    #11…I never creep,, I stalk,, mostly with a Canon 40D…

    #14…Nanookian rewtoos aren’t worth anything,, you must
    use good ole American bucks or antelopes…..

    #15…you peeped….

    You hurt my feeling by calling me a nut case…
    Say your sorry……..

  3. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Here's my contribution to silliness: http://faeriekat.wordpress.com/2008/01/23/the-oz-meme/

    Faerie hugz


  4. you're right...your answers were way better the the 'real' ones! LOL

  5. Somebody wake Catz up,, damn that woman sleeps more than a herd of
    dead gerbils........

    Drowsey repainted her living room,, are you going to repaint too?...Lets hope that you paint over that tree that keeps going boooooooo,, it annoys me......

  6. Why thank you drowseymonkey... I couldn't agree more!

    gt281 - I put up a special post for you today honey!