Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Thoughts!

  • How long till Friday?
  • I am starting the week a day behind.
  • Welcome to Lotus land and another day of drenching rain!
  • Driving my leaking car will be like sitting in a kiddie pool.
  • What does the sun look like anyhow?
  • Oh good CKNW tells us there will be some let up in the monotony of the rain - wind warning 70 - 90 k for the afternoon!!
  • Healthy food for lunch? What is that?
  • Another week of petitioning in the freezing cold!
  • Oh bright spot - I must remember to goad gt281 about Hillary Clinton winning New Hampshire!
  • I should have gone to the bar this weekend!
  • Oh.. that's nice.... CKNW sports caster just said he had two orgasms from watching sports this weekend. Pity his wife.


  1. Now this is my kind of post,, orgasms and sports…
    How’s that job of protesting working out for you?..
    Does it pay well?,, is there much chance of advancement?...
    If it doesn’t work out for you,, I can get you a job putting
    Obama stickers on car bumpers in Jursey….

  2. You are a post late... did I say anything about protesting in this post?
    AND I was over at your site and I see that you gave Lorelei donuts???!?!? where are mine?

  3. Yes you did,, line ten...Don't you read what you post?...geez..
    No donuts for you,, because you did
    not agree with my comments about the weeping witch,, Lorelei did..
    ....I gave you a nice flaming
    hillarydillary thro...
    Do you like my new cover element in the top left corner?....

  4. Oh please can I help it if Lorelei is under a little stress lately?
    No I don't like your new cover element.

  5. Sounds to me like you and Lorelei
    have 'issues' to beat each other over the head with...Can i watch?..
    I'm hurt,, I made that cover element just for you,, and now you say you don't like it...Is it because its in black and white?...
    I hear Geraldine Ferraro is still alive.....