Monday, July 21, 2008

Folk Fest & Protest

It was fun in the sun for me this weekend. I went to the Folk Festival for the first time in my life! I have always wanted to partake in this music filled weekend, but could either never find the time or the money. This year the ticket was a freebie and I made the time.

The folk fest has been going on for more years than I can remember. The music was great, but the whole feeling of the Folk Fest seems to be what keeps people coming back year after year. It takes people back to their youth and the good ole hippy days. Sitting under the sun, getting stoned and grooving to music. We did not stay till the evening when I am sure the air would have been pungent with good ole BC bud! Instead we headed down to the heart of the city. Down to the waterfront where the rich and powerful PNWER group were meeting to discuss the fate of us little people. They claim they are bringing in new security measures to speed up the flow of traffic through the border when the Olympics happen yet there was no representation from the Border Guards there? Tech Cominco was there & Conoco was there although what makes them specialists in border traffic is beyond me. They have not been elected nor have the people been consulted about the decisions they are making. They want to unify and merge Canada, USA & Mexico. They want our countries to be so similar that soon we will be one. Of course the USA as usual controls the agenda in most of these meetings. They have the most to gain - Canada.

The meeting this week was taking place at the BayShore Hotel right on the harbour and for two hours our group of protestors disrupted the peace and quiet of the garden party reception they were having. For two hours our group banged pots and chanted to let them know that WE are the people and that WE are the voice of democracy and WE want our say in how our countries are run. It was noisy and very disruptive to the hotel. The police were out in exagerated numbers given the fact that half the group were elderly and there were even some disabled people there. However, the police for the most part were patient and did little more than stand guard.

Later I took a walk on the waterfront that this hotel fronts. Then I drove home through the poorest address in Canada - East Vancouver! It was a full day.

*** I have posted some pictures of the day on the sidebar.


  1. lol @ BC bud.

    Good for you for partaking in the protest! :) That group is scary. Who's making these decisions anyway? Frustrating for sure. Glad you were there giving voice to us who often don't have one.

    I think many times the police are on the side of the protesters anyway ... but they have to do their job.l

  2. Anonymous7:49 PM

    What a trouble-maker you are! That's awesome that you all got to make your point. I'm so glad you finally got to participate in the folk festival!

  3. You are right Drowsey - that group is scary. They are more scary because most people don't understand and won't take the time to find out what they are really doing!!

    Yes - I am a trouble-maker Lorelei and really the Folk fest was awesome. Come visit next year and we will all go okay!