Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Maybe by SARK

Maybe we are building a new world
Maybe we'll paint marshmallows purple,
Or Free Circus elephants
Maybe we'll ride
On chocolate merry-go-rounds,
Or make tennis shoes for camels.
Maybe we'll find a child who feels
Unsafe at home and take her out of there right away.
Maybe we'll mail so many letters to God,
That everything gets all healed up.
Maybe we'll take all the mean people, And use them to full up the ozone hole.
Maybe when we see a sign that says
"Drawbridge', we'll get out and do a lovely bridge sketch.
Maybe we will make airplanes
Out of the same material that the "Black Box" is made of.
Maybe we'll live in real communities,
Equal for everyone.
Maybe 100% of the people will vote,
And start a new world.
Maybe everybody is an
Angel, God, Animal, nature, all rolled into one bundle
Of nerve and tissue, lip and bone.
Maybe we'll stop fighting
And trying to be right.
Maybe there will be nap rooms everywhere,
And cars will run on kisses.
Maybe dreams are real
Maybe all the homeless
will move onto all the golf courses.
Maybe schools are filled with imagination,
And prisons have nutritious food and spiritual programs.
Maybe we are all free,
Safe and well loved.
Maye we all want the same things. Maybe we all love everyone.
by S.A.R.K.

Some days all I can do is dream.

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  1. Maybe...somewhere over the rainbow...all I know is---we can NEVER stop dreaming.