Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Day at the Fair - Win a House Win a Car!

Win a car win a house.... every August for most of my life I have been listening to that sing sung at the Pacific Exhibition! I have loved everything about the fair since I was a little girl and used to watch it every day on the television. We lived in a small town up the coast and only occasionally did I get to go to it. However I made up for it big time when I got older and one year I went every day of the fair! There is nothing like the smell and the sounds and the excitement of a fair. I can hardly believe how much of a kick I still get out of visiting the barns! My daughters hate it! Every year they moan about going into the barns and looking at all the ducks and horses and pigs and rabbits and of course Peter the Great who replaced Bob (Bob was retired not eaten) as the biggest animal there! However, what they really hate is when I think one of the pregnant cows on display is getting ready to calve and then I like to sit down on the bleachers and wait and watch. Not one year have I ever been lucky enough to see a calf born, that fact however, does not deter me.These are the guys who captivated me this year. There were 10 little piglets all noshing and mom was sleeping away with this cute little grin on her face.
This is Peter the Great who replaced Bob and can you tell me why I love to just stand and stare at this magnificent animal?

Again this year they had the sand castle competition ,but this year,darn it, there was nothing as controversial as last year. For those who didn't get to see the picture I took of these last year check out "What was he thinking?". This was probably the most unusual one there this year and I was not quite sure what this one was about. It almost looked to me as though the guy was drowning.

Of course I bought a ticket on the house and cars and here I am explaining to my daughter that this year this one is mine. I can always dream.


  1. Oh my goodness I want a piglet very badly. They are so freaking cute!!! But I won't tell them I eat bacon and pepperoni every now and then...

    Hey! Our annual festival is coming up Sept. 8! "Poolesville Day 2007" will surely be the most amazing event of the year. Oh wait! That's because it's the ONLY event of the year! HAHA

  2. Hey Lorelei sounds like we are living each others life. I would love to live in a one horse town again and you by the sounds of it would love to live in the city. Ain't it always the way?