Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Morning Rambling

I have had a busy weekend doing .... ?I really don't know, but it has disappeared faster than you can say "now you see it now you don't" !
I really have accomplished very little this weekend except for drink some wine and eat junk food. Just what my diet calls for!
Speaking of diet... I give up! At least for this month. Too many fund raisers and too many friends in from out of town who want to eat drink and be merry with me.
Speaking of fund raisers!
Yup we have another one today.
Yup - it's another barbecue this time steak with the works!
Yup! it's raining yet again. There has not been one out door event where Mother Nature has seen fit to bless us with incredibly hot weather.
Oh well, at least it is not snowing (I heard that Whitehorse has already had some) or hailing (apparently 100 mile house got some of that in July and August)
However, as bad as my day gets today it can never be as bad as what the coal mining town in Utah is having to go through. I can not imagine having a loved one buried under a ton of dirt or knowing that someone else has died trying to get that loved one out. I wince at the pain that this town collectively has to be feeling. Makes the rain look pretty insignificant.
My thoughts and prayers are with them and today when I meet up with friends and family I will let them know how much they mean to me and how much I love them. Tomorrow it may be too late.

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  1. It sounds like you had a happy weekend if it went by quickly. :) And yes, I agree - life is so short, we have to tell our loved ones we love them before it's too late.