Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mother Sea
by Charlotte Mair

Rolling, thunderous, ever plunging breakers
On the Point No Point shores of Vancouver Isle
Watching Orca thrust down on the wave crests
Spraying salty air, refreshes on my smile

Happily gazing through the distance of Her sea view
Meditating on the sands of Her Long Beach
An encrusted, war torn log displays its aging
And creates a chair within my welcoming reach

Glittering sun-jewels hitting on the water
As Her icy hands encircle unclothed feet
Strangely now adjoined, in Her rapturous caress
Like and old seafarer, at last port - - I’m so complete!

Whispering reflections bid me daydreams
As a sea ern circles calmly up above
Escaping from all complexities - - disquietude
I interpose in peace with life’s mural of love

Sands create themselves as artist’s renderings
As frothy, soft tides rise to shape the shore
Sail boats sit at bay, on this carefree summer day
Then turn to catch a wind on sail once more

Living for the beauty of the moment
Skipping pebbles along the water-line
Nature’s marvels convey in me deep solitude
As lasting visions saturate my mind

I love this sense of liberty She grants me
If only for mere seconds of the day
My searching soul does always thirst this freedom
As Mother Sea caresses thoughts at play

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