Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remembering Elvis

How many of us can still remember where we were when we heard the news that Elvis was dead? I can remember very clearly. I was sitting at my parents kitchen table on the Sunshine coast first thing in the morning having not slept very well because I was very very pregnant with my first child. (She was born two weeks later) I can still remember how sad I felt about him. Like every young woman who grew up in the 60's or 70's I was in love with Elvis and dreamed of some day being able to see him in person. His death killed that dream and that was part of my sadness. However young as I was I sat there thinking of the little I really knew of his life and realized that despite his wealth and fame he really lived a very sad life. He had few real friends and was constantly followed by the paparazzi. His every move in life was fodder for gossip and I think that underneath the persona of a star there was a very shy quiet human being who really just wanted to be happy. I also felt that despite his drug use he was a very good human being who really wanted the best for those around him. I have read several books written about his life and all of them seem to confirm my impressions of him.
On August 16th, 1977 I think the world not only lost an incredible artist, but also a good human being.

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