Monday, August 06, 2007

Vancouver - A City With Pride!

The twenty ninth Gay Pride Parade took place in Vancouver yesterday and for the first time in my life I went! I don't know why I have never gone to this event before as I am not a prude or a homophobe. This being the largest parade of it's kind in North America I think it has more to do with the 300 thousand plus people who go every year. Those kind of crowds scare me silly. This year a friend convinced me to go and never wanting to turn down an opportunity to take photo's of something new I went. The day was perfect for a parade. Sunny and warm with a lovely breeze. Not ever having been to this event before I was not sure what to expect. It was a good thing too, because from the time we hit the muster station to the end of the parade there was something happening.
On the advice of some regular goers that we met before the parade we got a place on the corner of Beach Ave and Denman Street. This is where the parade has to slow to turn the corner so I was able to get some really good photo's which I have posted here on my Flicker badge. As well I have posted a few video clips on here on YouTube so you can see and hear some of the mayhem for yourself
The parade started with the Dykes on Bikes a group of well.... dykes on motor bikes and having a great time of it as you will see. From there the parade just got crazier and crazier. There was everything and everyone in this parade 160 entries and almost three hours of nonstop mayhem. It really is like Mardi Gras Vancouver Style! Some of the entries were so outrageous that it made me blush. I have never seen so many naked and half naked people on the streets of Vancouver side by side with the boys in blue -Vancouver's finest Police Department. I can only imagine what they think about this event.
Water ballons and mardi gras beads were some of the less flamboyant things being thrown to and at the crowd. Add to that rainbow condoms and tubes of lube and you had one interesting grab bag at the end of the day. Rainbow colors, the official color of the Gay community depicting diversity were predominant.
The parade was not without it's messages. Who knew we had a gay hockey team? or that so many gay and lesbians are abused world wide or that those drag queens were so good looking that a couple of them made me jealous and of course the battle against AIDS was front and center. Why did we wait so long in recognizing and treating this disease? So many people have died needlessly because of our ignorance.
It was an interesting day and I learned a lot about the city and the people who live in it. They are a diverse tolerant people with the ability to have fun and most of all the sense of humor to make fun of and laugh at themselves. I have always loved this city, but I think I like it even more today after seeing this parade.
To see all the photos of the Parade check out my Flickr set for the Gay Pride Parade.


  1. What fun! However, like you, I don't really enjoy crowds!! I will have to go see all the pictures and videos...

  2. Thanks Catz. Just checked out your blog... excellent blog on the gay pride parade in Vancouver. But, my favourite thing has to be Jessica, the hippo. Though, I am afraid that the next report on Jessica will be how she killed a family member... but, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Sexual maturity in animals can completely change their personality. However, so far so good.