Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Day In The Fraser Valley

The Fraser Valley is one of my favorite areas of the lower mainland. Until a few years, ago when I started taking Lucy to Kilby Park for a swim at the camp ground or day use area, I would never have thought I could like the area so much. It is not only very beautiful it is also very peaceful and I always come home feeling very rested. Yesterday was a perfect day there. The temperature was 30C and the mountains provide the perfect back drop to the lush produce rich farms. On the way home we stopped just by our house to take some pictures of the sunset over the Fraser River.
Click here to see the Flickr set for all the pictures.


  1. Thank you for so masterfully capturing the "peace" you felt there, so I was able to have some of it too. I went through each picture really slowly, and thoroughly enjoyed the views!

  2. Thanks for the nice comments Lorelei.
    Makes me happy if you soaked up a little of the peace in that valley. I am always concerned there won't be much of that for me.