Wednesday, November 21, 2007


To Stuff & Roast a Turkey
from : American Cookery. By Amelia Simmons, 1796.

The Great American Turkey Exhibit.
One Pound soft wheat bread,3 ounces beef suet, 3 eggs, a little sweet thyme, sweet marjoram, pepper and salt, and some add a gill of wine; fill the bird therewith and sew up, hang down to a steady solid fire, basting frequently with salt and water, and roast until a steam emits from the breast, put one third of a pound of butter into the gravy, dust flour over the bird and baste with the grave; serve up with boiled onions and cranberry-sauce, mangoes, pickles or celery.t-ballous.JPG (74451 bytes)


  1. This is for you Lorelei!

  2. one third of a pound of butter! now that's my kind of meal! :D

  3. Yep thats a lot of butter and thats on top of the 3 ounces of suet!

  4. I can't read the red...but it sounds like the kind of meal that could kill ya!

    Not sure if I left this on a previous comment - but I tagged you on my post yesterday...have a look and if you'd like to participate cool...if not that's cool too! Thanks!

  5. Yep sometimes blogger does not co-operate. I could change everything but the color of the writing on the main part! Go Figure!!