Thursday, November 08, 2007

Seven Percent of American Women Would Not Vote A Woman for President!

Now this is exactly what I was talking about yesterday!
Reuters carried a story today about women's interest in the upcoming US Presidential election. The article states one in four women are more interested in the 2008 race because Hillary Clinton is running for President and one in four women also said they were more likely to vote for that very same reason. Now that is a good thing, but the troubling part of the poll was the seven percent of women who would not vote for a woman for president no matter what their political affiliation.
I have to ask "What is wrong with you women?" "Haven't you any loyalty to your fellow sisters?"
After all it was that sisterhood that got you the right to vote in the first place. It was a women, Rosa Parks, that got blacks the right to ride at the front of the bus because she felt equal to both men and women of any color!
Historically women have worked hard to make Canada and the US the great countries that they are today.
Ladies.... think about this. Do you really believe the fairy tale you have been told since birth that because you were born with a vagina instead of penis you are incapable doing what a man does? If you really believe this try telling it to the women in Iraq who are fighting side by side with the men to supposedly defend and protect your country from terrorists.

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  1. So true! Maybe the women who feel this way wish they also didn't have the right to vote.