Monday, November 12, 2007

Remembrance Day Weekend

This was me at the start of a really long weekend. I was dead beat on Friday so Saturday I spent the day doing girly things. You know - hair, clothes shopping, a trip to the local craft fair with my daughters and lunch out. It revived me enough to get up and going the next morning for a very chilly day at the Whalley Cenotaph. It was windy and bitterly damp cold as we stood remembering the brave men and women who gave so much for this country. Many of them gave their lives so that we could enjoy the freedom we have today.
Here three of our dignitaries Penny Priddy, federal MP. Sue Hammell, MLA Surrey Greentimers & Bruce Ralston, MLA Surrey Whalley.
Yesterday I was planning on spending the day outdoors with Lucy, but I got up to find that high winds had taken out the power in many places in the lower mainland and at 9 am ours went out as well. In Some areas the wind reach 110k. I went out in the car for awhile as it was freezing cold in the house. Most of the groceries stores in our area were closed because they had no power and I even had to drive for a bit to find some place to buy gas. Around three o
clock our power was restored only to have it go down again in the evening and not come on till after midnight.
I am always amazed at the power of these winds. They can bring down huge trees in minutes. Here if you follow red line you will see the tree hanging over the power lines. The entire road had been blocked off with yellow tape so people would not drive on it, but as you can see some people feel that they are invincible (or they are just plain stupid)and drive right through the yellow tape!


  1. Love the pink shoe! :D

  2. Hey, so ya like those shoes? They have silver trim... too cheeky! *lol* and they are sitting right beside my empty camera case :(

  3. another excellent post.