Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year Resolutions!

ABSOLUTELY not! I gave up on New Year resolutions a long time ago. They don't work and they are just a set up for failure. After all if you promise that you will lose ten pounds this year have you accomplished this if you lose the ten pounds and then gain it all back later in the year? And those people who swear to quit smoking.... are you a failure if you don't quit even though the day after you made that resolution you find out that your company is laying off half the staff and you don't know what half you are in and your husband just told you he is having an affair with his twenty year old secretary! Now come on! What about the resolution about being a nicer person. What qualifies for that? Giving your whole pay cheque to some worthy cause or just letting some one butt in line at the super market?
So... I don't make new year resolutions, but I try to think about the up coming year and what I would like to do and where I would like to be. So here is my list for this year:
  1. I want to get back in shape. Start working out again. This past year has been so hectic finding time to do that has been almost impossible, but this year I am going to make time.
  2. I want to go fishing! Yes - you heard me right! I have not really been fishing for years and last summer playing around with a fishing rod on the dock in Gambier I realized how much I missed it so this year I am going to buy a fishing rod and a fishing license and go fishing!
  3. Finally try out that water color set that I have had for two years!
  4. Make time to visit with friends more often.
  5. Get those pet sites up and running. I own five domain names all of them concerned with animals and I have yet to get one of them running seriously.
  6. Take a much needed holiday. I don't particularly care where as long as I can do what I want for about two weeks.
  7. Hike Hike Hike with Lucy!
  8. Clean out the clutter. My files, my basement and my garage need a big clean up!
  9. Eat healthier food only because I know that when I eat right I feel better and have so much more energy! So why don't I do that all the time?
  10. Last but not least - Win the Lottery! I can hope can't I?


  1. To quote the raven:
    Why did you stop at 10?....
    oh,, and you spelled check wrong...
    Nanooks just can't do anything right..
    Even when they invaded Greenland,,
    they went West instead of East,,and they even brought along suntan lotion...Nanooks,,,geez.....
    I'm at work now,, so stop bothering me...

  2. HUH??... Emily Murphy is your creation
    not mine…don’t you even know what your posting?....
    She’s right there on the top righthand side of your
    baby blue blog-o-rama under “Canadian Women in History” …
    Geez,, Nanooks got to give them a road map for everything…
    Oh,, and as a photoscribler you didn’t take a very good picture
    of yourself while eating at the breakfast table………

  3. Wow! where do I start! First I stopped at ten because I didn't want people complaining miserably about the length of my posts as they do yours! So Ha!
    Next I did not spell cheque incorrectly you guys on the south side of our border spell it differently and in my opinion incorrectly
    Next are you sure that I have Emily Murphy on my site in the right hand corner??
    And last but not least I don't care if you don't like my new picture and who says I am eating breakfast???

  4. well, I was going to say that you were having your 1:00, 2:00, 3:00,
    whishy sour break,, but I thought that might be mean,, so I just said
    breakfast as an all covering event...You want to get smashed to the gills go right ahead...I don't have to drive on the same roads as you do....pllltttthhhhh....and yes
    Emily Post was on your post...don't
    you read cereal box tops?.....

  5. All sounds good...but I'm tired after just reading it! I really like #10. Do that!

  6. Ya know drowsymonkey after a day at work it makes me tired to read it as well!

  7. I hate New Year's resolutions too. I "resolve" to not make any. :) I think if you just accomplish even one of those you should consider it a successful year!