Sunday, January 06, 2008

Reflections on a busy weekend

This week has been a hectic one and the weekend ended up being just as busy!
Friday I accompanied my boss to the Lakshmi Narayan Mandir to watch a children's traditional music performance. The children performed traditional South Asian music and dance using traditional musical instruments from their country. The children were dressed in vibrant colored costumes much like the girl in this picture. I admire this community for encouraging their children to learn and perform music and dance from their country of origin while instilling in them gratitude to the country they now live in. The evening culminated in a feast of delicious traditional vegetarian foods.

Saturday my daughter and I spent the day cleaning up, reorganizing some of the house. and shopping. While I hate these chores I know that I can't stand to have everything in a mess so every now and then it is time to shovel out if you know what I mean. Poor Lucy got very little walking in that day and even less today as I had an early morning meeting for an event being planned for international women's day that occurs in March. After that off to my Aunt's for a quick visit as she is not feeling well and misses me now that I very little time to get over there.
I had hoped to get better organized to start my week, but I am not sure that has or will ever happen. There always seems to be a lot more left to do at the end of the weekend!


  1. I like the photo,, very colorful…if I could see it,, they seems
    to be a ghost tree in my way,, going boooooo…
    International women's day???... What the ???...
    When is international men's day???............

  2. Do you have a screen the size of a postage stamp?!?!?!? You need to make the window larger and then it all fits! Thanks for the compliment on the picture, but I didn't take the picture.
    Hey that'S THREE compliments in one day!

  3. Beautiful photo; beautiful costume!