Monday, January 21, 2008

When Doggie Play Time Goes Bad

And then there is this one - Border Collie survives 80ft fall - A dog has survived falling 80ft off a cliff in Dorset
They didn't have a picture of this one and I don't even want to know why!
Man's best friends can certainly get themselves into some nonsense!


  1. Where's lucys pic?,, I'm sure shes
    been bad..........

  2. I have a bad-dog story, but I will have to email you the long tale because I'm too afraid to post it on my blog for fear of being misjudged by people who do not know me! lol

  3. gt281 - Nooooo Miss Lucy is NEVER bad!

    Lorelei - send me your story I would love to hear it!

  4. tag yous it..........