Sunday, December 30, 2007

As the Clock Counts Down

This morning you would have thought it was spring here if it hadn't been for the temperature and the snow covered mountains in the distance. The sun was shining and Lucy was dancing to go out. I grabbed my camera and we headed out to the doggie park on the dikes in Steveston. I could not think of a better way to finish 2007 than with a day out side with my best friend and constant companion doing what we both love to do. She of course loves to run and play and I love to take photos. Mother nature could not have co-operated more. The sun glinted off the snow on the mountains and the bare trees looked elegant and stately against the deep blue sky. As we wandered the path I happened to look up and see what I thought at first was a Blue Heron's nest till I looked at the tree across from it and saw a pair of Eagles sitting like a comfy old married couple in the sunshine. Can't you just hear them chatting about the coming of spring and the possibilities of little ones in the nest! Don't they look peaceful and happy?
While I wandered in the sunshine snapping pictures I thought about the past year that seemed to see my life in turmoil from beginning to end. I realized that there were far more good things that happened than bad. I think that may have been a first for me. However, it is not the great year that my friend who is into Astrology predicted for me either. That I will be chatting with him about while he makes his predictions for me this year! Some of the things I have enjoyed most this year were hiking on Gambier Island and my winter trip to Montreal with my daughter Karen. And the many day trips with Lucy to take pictures brought me great joy and periods of relaxation when life was so stressful here.
I have to say though that many days just sitting down at the computer and reading some of the posts and comments by the friends I have on here gave moments of badly needed laughter and I found strength in the companionship of the people on here. It is a strange world that we create here on the world wide web! I find myself thinking about someone's struggle and I realize that my day isn't so bad after all and some days it is just nice knowing that someone in a different country in a different time zone is keeping their fingers crossed and saying their prayers for me.
I hope that 2008 brings all of you great joy and good health, and that you find yourselves surrounded everyday by friends and family who love you and just like that Eagle couple may you find peace and serenity in all areas of your life.
**I have put up a flikr badge with today's pictures.


  1. Those mountains are magical, and you caught a plane! How cool is that! Awesome pictures, as usual. I think one of my favorites is the one with the big ol' tree in the foreground and then the small thin trees all lined up behind it. Great pics. I wish you an amazing 2008 my friend!!!

  2. Mountains?... You call those mountains…Why,, I’ve seen bigger mountains on the strippers down at Louies’…
    And ‘dikes”…Oh brother,, didn’t the Nanookian government ban them a couple of years ago?...Oh,, wait I forgot your French,, it explains a lot…
    I like your new baby blue background,, but that ghost tree has got to go,, its starting to move and go BOOOOO whenever I’m reading…

  3. Lorelei that is too funny because I loved that picture too but my daughter said "ah it's okay"???? I guess we have taste and she doesn't huh! *lol*

    gt281 - no I think that they might have banned "dykes" though! As for that tree that is going boo.... lay off the whisky a little mate!

  4. trying to trick me aren't you?...
    'mate' is an English word,, shouldn't you be saying 'le mate'...or are we playing chess now?...

  5. That first picture is breathtaking! What a great shot! And the were able to get a great close-up of th em.

    I enjoyed your post...very appropriate as we start a new year.

  6. Thanks Drowseymonkey! Have a great year in 2008!