Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This Christmas business is hard work! Tomorrow is my our open house at our office and I have worked on it for a couple of weeks. We have a ton of food coming and several businesses in the area have given us gift certificates to use for a draw. We use the draw to get people to bring food and toys for the Food bank and Christmas bureau. Last year we collected about 400 lbs of food and almost 50 gifts. So it is an important occasion and it spreads a lot of good will in the community. However it has been exhausting organizing that on top of the regular work. Tomorrow I will have an office full of volunteers though so the day should go smoothly. Huh -fat chance! I am planning on having a good time however.
Lucy is missing her time with me and I have no time to take pictures of her in her Christmas attire. Shhh don't tell her, but I did go and get her a bed fit for a princess for her Christmas present.
I have been too tired at night to even think about posting much and tonight is no exception, but I found this Christmas funny that I wanted to share.For some very strange reason this just cracked me up.
I hope that every one is having a great deal of fun with Christmas and not getting too stressed out. Remember the reason for the season!


  1. Hi its me,, (you were expecting maybe Brad Pitt?)
    Thanks for the invite to your office party,, the first class
    airplane tickets and reservations for six at the Waldorf…NOT…
    And here I thought we were going to be friends….saw that cartoon
    somewhere on the net,, its very clever…I have to work too,, even tho I scheduled two weeks of vacation at this time 4 months ago,, seems there’s a 12 alarm fire that “MUST” be dealt with on one of my projects…
    Yeah right,, I’m sure that when I get it done,, someone will look at it…
    Yeah right……..

  2. That is such a cute funny! He's been caught red-handed. Or should I say, orange-handed. ;-)

    I hope your event is superior to all the other events so that your boss "wins"!

  3. gt281 - thanks for popping by and sharing a bit of Christmas cheer! Sorry you have to work, but us common folk don't get much time off ever. Oh I forgot you are not common are you? Anyway I am happy you took the time to drop by.

    Lorelei, thanks for the being a great balcony friend.

  4. The snowman thing cracked me up too! I hope to see a picture of Lucy's new bed! My guys are getting new blankies for their crates and what we call "babies". In other words, new stuffed toys to carry about and leave EVERYWHERE!