Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's That Time of Year!

Every year Christmas begins for me when I get Frances gifts from England. I never open them till Christmas day, but almost every year she sends me a stuffie that isn't wrapped and it is like getting a hug from England. Last year it was Sir Humphrey Hug and he sits on my desk in his own rocking chair. I only have to look at him to feel better about my day. This year she has sent me a beautiful soft cuddly elephant with a heart that says "I Love You Loads"! I am not sure if Frances knows about my love of elephants. When I was a little girl I had a stuffed Elephant. I called him BoBo and I never put him down. I lost him for a few decades and then about ten years ago he was returned to me. He was thread bare and even more battered than I remembered, but he was BoBo. I put him away because I was afraid that he would just crumple away if he was touched too much. I have always resisted buying a new one because it wouldn't seem the same somehow. However this elephant can fill the boots of BoBo!
So now it is official the start of the Christmas season! I have presents to wrap and cards to write and today it is snowing so that seems like a good day to get started.

Good news! My camera is back in time for Christmas and if the lens button will stay on through the holidays I will consider that a break! As for that passport.... it appears to be shuffling from one bureaucrats desk to another still!


  1. Look at you! What a pro now you are at changing your theme! I am very proud.

    Hopefully your passport is done shuffling soon -- and that's great news about your beloved camera.

  2. I had a great teacher!

  3. cute. And your xmas theme is very pretttttyyyyy!

  4. Thanks Drowsey Monkey!

  5. I love the theme and the stuffies! I have always loved stuffed animals and I still do! I even have all of stuffed animals from when I was little! Boxes of them! and every now and again I take them out, hug on them and then put them back. If I didn't the dogs would take them all!

    Elephants huh? If I had your mailing address, I would have something to send you (that I made of course)! :-)