Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Christmas eve we awoke to a beautiful sunny day and Lucy and I went for a long walk in the canyon to get our heads cleared for the festivities ahead. It was supposed to tire Lucy out, but unfortunately it only seemed to make her more excited. It always amazes me how the animals seem to pick up on the holiday excitement! In the late afternoon I went to Legion to help serve a free Christmas dinner for those in need in our community and it was really great to see people having such a good time with their children especially knowing that may be the only thing some of those children will ever get this Christmas. It made me think back to a few of our Christmas celebrations and I realized that except for one very bleak year when we had absolutely nothing we have been very blessed.
Sometime while we were out the fat old guy in red pajama's paid us an early visit and left lots of goodies under our non-existent tree! As it appeared we had already passed the naughty or nice test we decided to toast the old guy with a wee drop of Christmas cheer leaving us all giddy with laughter and saying to hell with waiting till Christmas morning we ripped open our gifts at midnight. All of us got some really nice things and I especially feel spoiled. There were so many nice things, but one of my favorite's was the gift certificate for a Whale watching trip in the spring that my daughters gave me. As well Ray gave me a new office chair because as he put it "I can't stand to see you sitting in that old broken down lopsided thing you call a chair. He declared that I should put it out at the curb and let the neighbors have a good laugh. My daughters whole heartedly agreed with that , but I am very attached to that old chair and I may hide it in the basement! However I will agree that the new one is better for my back!
My friend Frances always spoils me rotten at Christmas as I so enjoy it. She sent me chocolate and earings and a necklace and jammies and so many lovely things. Every year I look forward to her gift because I know it is always sent with love. I hope she knows she is loved very much in return.
Today we take my aunt out for dinner to the hotel and then we are off to the movies for the evening.

I hope that what ever all of you are doing today that you have a safe and happy holiday.


  1. Photo caption:
    Caution: furry fern eater dog wanta-be ahead,,likes to sneak up behind you and pee on your shoes….
    If Ray is Mr. Catz,, he had better come up with something more shinny and rocky…..did he say "I can't stand to see an old broken down lopsided thing sitting in that chair”…
    or did I read it wrong?……… ;-)

  2. sorry gt281 - Ray is not Mr Catz! He is just a friend and a good one at that and he would indeed say that there was "an old broken down lopsided thing sitting in that chair" if he thought he would live to see tomorrow after he said it!! *lol* So good to see you have made it through the holidays without the spirit of Christmas touching you! :>)

  3. Only spirits of the fermented kind shall ever touch me,,for you see I am very demented and hidden within my dungeon so deep...If there is no Mr. Catz,, then perhaps........

  4. hmm.... fermented kind huh! as in a little scotch whisky now and then? No.... no Mr. Catz around here!

  5. No Mr. Catz huh?.....Perhaps you’d like to know that I like women who walk around in ‘leather’ camera straps and also funny looking dogs in orange hats...
    Reminds me of my college days at Badsmith college,, in Wappawappa Washington...ahhh those were the days...

  6. Wow! who knew you liked girls in leather camera straps and dogs in orange hats gt281! Sounds like we were made for each other!

  7. Ah…so true…now if only you would buy me some first class airline tickets to the land of
    Nanook of the North,, I would be there within hours…
    Provided of course that I can release myself from these rusty shackles that have kept me here for so long………

  8. Awww shucks I thought we could just meet up somewhere exotic!!!

  9. Exotic you say,,, ah,, very well,, Igor is coming by within the
    hour to release me from my shackles,, then we can meet
    in the Zombie Room at the Voodoo Palace in Transylvania…
    It makes the best Bloody Mary’s I know,, sans the Mary of course…
    When can you be there?,, and please wear something revealing,,
    neckline wise…..powder blue background is much better,, didn’t think I’d notice did you?......

  10. Oh...not that tired old Transylvania again. Last time I was there the Voodoo lobby was filled with old men whose fangs had fallen out. Really horrid sight all those death grey faces with pink gums.... yuk!
    So... you're in shakles right now are you... that could be interesting.

  11. Sorry I was away trying to catch the mouse who keeps running up my clock...Very well then,,
    Aruba it is,, but before you can join me on my Yellow Submarine and frolic thru my octopuses garden,, you must tell me whos name is missing…
    “I don't really want to stop the show
    But I thought you might like to know
    that the singers going to sing a some
    And he wants you all the sing along
    So may I introduce to you
    The one and only __________________”
    …yes that’s right,, it’s a secret test to become a MasonJar,, you have only until the moon passes
    between Jupiter and Mars to give me your answer…
    good luck....

  12. hmmm... well you didn't answer me about the shackles and I was sitting here just dying to hear, but okay if you insist I will play your little game. Would that be "the one and only Billy Shears and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"?
    Am I a MasonJar now??

  13. Ah,, dear lady,, I’m afraid the moon shadow has passed
    under yonder yum-yum tree,, you were 1 ½ minutes to late…
    Oh well…And yes I have shackles,, put fortunately the mad doctor gave me some pills,, they should clear up in a day or so…
    Alas and woe,, I see by the shadow of the hangman’s noose that it
    is once again time for me to return to my crypt….Perhaps apon
    the morrow we can once again play “what did granny put in the pickle jar”…

  14. I'm so glad you had a merry christmas! Your old chair looks sorta like the cockpit from Star Trek! I like your new blog look -- you are such a pro now at changing it! :)

  15. Hey good to hear from you Lorelei! (someone sane) :))

  16. Hi Catz-

    I am glad that you had a nice Christmas. I spent mine running around like a crazy person pet sitting for 10 dogs, 1 cat, I container of Seamonkeys and 2 "Aquasaurs"...interesting yes?

    I actually made you something for Christmas but I did not know how to get it to you!