Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Memories

It has been snowing all day long here. Not the nice white puffy kind, but the dark wet dreary kind and except for walking Lucy I have not ventured out all day. It is quite a relief actually as we have been on the go with family and friends for days on end. I started cleaning up some Christmas ornaments and putting them away when I came upon a box of my old Christmas toys from when I was a child. I took them one by one out of the box and looked at each one of them marveling at how much they meant to me as a child. They are just little tiny dolls. Some of them have movable eyes and some don't. Some dressed Christmas outfits and some not. Every year when I was a child the decorations would go up and then there was my little Christmas doll collection that I would play with and rearrange under the tree a hundred times before Christmas day. Then on Christmas day they would be abandoned for new brighter, bigger and better toys. Funny these little dolls have survived all these years and yet I can't even remember the other toys.


  1. Ahhh,, memories of days gone by (tear wiping)…
    Actually I don’t have any such left over tree toys,,
    we were so poor we didn’t even have dirt to play with…
    I noticed this on yesterdays blog comments…
    ………”Lorelei! (someone sane) :))”….Didn’t think I’d
    notice did you?...And here I thought you liked me,, and we
    were going to play blogland patty cake again…I’ll have you
    know that I’ve never been to France…say your sorry…..

  2. Oh... yes I thought you might pick up on that. France?!?! Neither have I is that where we are going today? and hey me say sorry??? You cheated me out of winning the song contest. You know we are in different time zones so I still had time. I was quite hurt over that!

  3. I apologize Catz,, perhaps I didn’t make myself clear,,
    I am always in a twilight time zone…perhaps you should have
    paid more attention…France…blalahh…do I look like an 18th century bell ringer? the tone of the bell it will be 10:45 here.. what time is it there? I can set Mickey’s hands to the correct gloved positions……

  4. well,, you waited to long to response...its now time for my nap...

  5. Sorry gt281 but some of us have to work occasionally.

  6. I'm the last one to consider myself sane. LOL!

    I used to have some old Christmas dolls like that. They were so sweet to play with. I loved marvelling at the outfits and how they were sewn. I have only saved one old toy that I had as a child. That reminds me, I wonder which box it is currently in?!?! I hope I find it sometime...