Sunday, December 09, 2007

Holy Moly!

Where on earth does the time go?! I feel as though the weekend should be just starting instead of over!
So... a little recap of my week and weekend.
Wednesday the boss lady took us all to the Surrey Board of Trade Christmas reception at the Sheraton Hotel. The theme was Christmas in India and as this was a reception not a dinner they actually served butter chicken on skewers along with pakoras and tandoori chicken - delicious! Not to mention the free crantini's in martini glasses that had lights in the stems!
Thursday I went to the US for a couple of hours of shopping and didn't get much of anything as they are charging too much for exchange so next time I will get US currency before I go. Yeah I know guys it is hard to take the fact that our dollar is worth that much, but really it is so get over it!
Friday we had our constituency Christmas dinner and dance. It was a lot of good fun. Here is my good friend Ray cuddling up to my boss. I think the Tie AND the hat was little over kill Ray!
Saturday was a lovely sunny day, but cold. Lucy and I headed to the canyon for a wonderful hour and a half walk. The fragrance of the trees on a crisp winter day and the sounds of the creek grumbling its way down to the bog was so relaxing and as there was little time for walking Lucy this past week she was exhuberant to be out there with me. I should have taken the camera, but I promised myself that Sunday I would take the girl and go some place beautiful and shoot pictures. Then in the afternoon I drove all the way over to my friend Diane Thorne's office in Maillardville to visit her at her open house. Then I picked up my Aunt, hooked up with my daughter and took Auntie to dinner. I feel so bad asI have not had time to see her for weeks.
Here she is with a big smile almost 87 years old.! God I hope I do that well when I am her age! I told her to get her dancing shoes on as we are taking her to the Executive hotel for Christmas dinner!
Last night I collapsed into bed over joyed at the thought of a morning with Lucy snapping pictures, but she and I woke up to freezing cold and snow (GROAN). We did not get much snow, but it was nasty weather. Dark and cloudy and really really cold so we settled on another walk in the canyon and a car ride to the shopping center.
Tonight I brought out the decorations and started doing a little of that. Believe me this year a little will have to do.
In between all of those things I have been wrapping and mailing parcels and trying to write out Christmas cards and now Sunday night is here and I have a 6 am Monday morning to face. I will be so glad when Santa finally gets on that damn sleigh of his and we can get this ho ho ho stuff behind us for another year.

Oh yes and looky what the Canadian government came through with for me. Thank you Mr. Harper if things get rough here in Canada (and I am quite sure if you get re elected things will get tough)I can now get on a plane and fly to some other country.
I have come to the conclusion that passports don' t mean that you are a good person, it just means that you haven't gotten caught yet!

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  1. What a wonderful smile your aunt has! That grin is infectious. Congrats on the passport!!