Thursday, December 13, 2007

Everyone Knows at Least One....

horses ass!


  1. Usually MOST of them are horses asses, and there's only ONE that's not! LOL

  2. Hi its me,, (you were expecting maybe George Clooney?)
    I’m here to annoy you,, ain’t that great?...
    I’m the second one from the right…Noticing on your very not sky blue background that you have put my blog-a-re-noo site on your ‘friends’ list,,
    I can only assume that this is a mistake,, made while you were,,
    shall we say,, ‘overcome’ with too much eggnog…You might want to
    remove it,, cuz I don’t wash it very offen and it stinkist…
    Concerning Paris Hilton,, I’d do it,, even tho she’s blonde,, young,, good looking,, makes wonderful porn movies,, (if you like that kind of thing)
    and well,, she has mucho buckos,, I like buckos…..
    Drowsey Monkey is nice,, I annoyed her yesterday…I was enjoying myself there,, until she threw me off her 7th floor balcony along with her naked peeping tom neighbor…..
    Oh,, well,, I’ve recovered from my flyin lesson and now I’m here to
    bother you,, aren’t you glad?...........