Friday, February 01, 2008

Remember the good o'l days?

The world has just changed too much for me. Every day there are new sayings, new words, new meanings for old words. For example do you have any idea what Merriam Websters word of the year for 2007 was? w00t - yes w00t and yes I have spelled it correctly with numbers instead of o's. Now I have never used this word and most of the people I know have never used this word. The word is an expression of joy apparently and is used by gamers. Some of the other words that made the list;
  • blamestorm -discussing in a group who is to blame for missing a deadline. Usually where I work it is called passing the buck
  • sardoodledom - mechanically contrived plot or structure or unrealistic characterization. I think we call this TV
  • Pecksniffian - unctuously hypocritical - Hmmm I think self -centered pretty much covered it.
I remember the good old days when you said what you meant for example:
When I was in high school and someone said their rabbit died it meant they were pregnant. Now it means their batteries died.
When some one said they were looking for a ho we thought they didn't know how to spell the word for the gardening tool.
A hook up was just getting together to have coffee to go to a movie or just hang out.
And Mary Jane was just the name of the girl next door.
Coke Head was some one who drank to much coca cola.

I don't know about you, but things seemed so much simpler back then.


  1. ahh...not simpler...just more understandable because we were young and hip and knew what all that stuff meant. lol

    I do like 'blamestorm' tho...I've often seen a lot of that going on.

  2. I like your new blog page (yuk yuk)...Did you have to pay much for it at Lorelei's garage sale?...

    Thought I won't notice didn't you?

    I miss my tree already...Next time you go blog page shopping,, you had better have me come with you...

    Hey,, I know where a great looking blog page is...It has a laughing camel on it and everything,, just what every Nanook needs.........

  3. Oh,, I forgot....
    In Nanook land,, its called passing the rewtoo,, not passing the buck....Unless of course your talking about Elks or something,, then its OK... But here in the good
    old US of A,, we don't allow Elks
    in our office dungeons,, or anywhere near the copy machine... Maybe its different up THERE in the frozen tundra zone...I don't know,, I've never been drunk enough to want to live in an Igloo....ppplllltttthh

  4. I like the new look too...but I don't miss the was scary! lol.

    Okay...I tagged ya...but it's kinda cool and of course...optional!

  5. I say w00t all the time! But of course, I'm a gamer. :D