Sunday, February 24, 2008

A View from the Top

The sun was shining and warm here today something we have not seen for many months. You could almost believe that spring was just around the corner except that I have lived here long enough to know that we will still have some nasty cold and wet days ahead before we hit spring.
However, like everyone else who lives on the west coast I like to go out and pretend that a day like today is usual and that is why we live here. Actually a lot of us live here because we can't afford to retire and move to some place less crowded and traffic congested, but that is another story.
Today I had a hankering not just to look at mountains but to go and wander around one with Lucy so we headed to Burnaby Mountain and along with many other people enjoyed a day of sunshine and fresh air. There was very little haze over the city today so the pictures are fairly clear.
Miss Lucy found a patch of snow to roll in and a log to climb on. She had a great time and didn't object too much to coming home to a bath. I put some of her pictures on her blog.

There is a flikrbadge with the rest of them on the side for those who are interested.


  1. Your pictures are beautiful as always, you sure are surrounded by breathtaking beauty! And did you really say "hankering"? I thought only Southerners said that! :)

  2. Fake photos,, fake photos...
    Where the H*ll is all the snow?...

    I think I'll post some photos of Aruba and say its my backyard....

    Lorelei...'hankering' is a BC code word meaning 'I've been in the sauce again'........

  3. So beautiful. Wish I were there!

  4. Lorelei, You forget - I used to live in the south.
    gt281 - mmm.... a little jealous are we. Come on up and I will show you some more lovely sites around BC

    momofk9s - I have been there many times, but yesterday it felt particularly beautiful probably because we have had such a long dark cold winter this year and yesterday was so sunny.

  5. Come down to the land of the frozen
    cornstalks and I'll show you some sites.....I of course mean snow...
    Or do I?......

  6. omg ... it's like you live in paradise! What a view! I was just over at Lucy's blog, that's funny! I haven't been there in a while and thought I'd drop over. She looks so darn happpppyyyyy!!!!!

  7. She should look happy she gets pretty much everything a dog could want and we all work for her.

    Not quite paradise. The scenery here is very lovely. There are many many places to go to take those kinds of pictures. However, we also live in one of the most expensive places in Canada and we have thousands of people living on the streets. So many that we have been likened to Botswana!!
    Now that is not something that I am proud of.

  8. Hey drowsey - Miss Lucy says you should visit more often... she kinda likes ya!

  9. When I re-did my blogroll for some reason she fell off it! Yikes! But she's back in her rightful place now...sorrry luuuucy. :)