Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heads Up Guys

The love day is here once again and we women all know the rules for this occasion, but somehow it escapes the guys. So here is a little heads up for ya'll:
  1. Remember that Valentine's day is February 14th. Not the 15th and not the weekend after even if Thursday is your night out with the guys and the price of chocolate and everything red goes down.
  2. Beer, Pizza and turning the lights out while you watch TV is not a romantic dinner for two.
  3. Buying her dinner does not equal foreplay and McDonalds or Burger King is not a gourmet meal.
  4. If you are going to buy the lady sexy lingerie make sure you get the right size. No woman likes to be reminded they have put on a few pounds since last year.
  5. A couple of snickers bars from the gas station can not replace a box of gourmet chocolates.
  6. If you are going to use a little wine to set the mood for the lady make sure you don't drink too much yourself while trying or you could find yourself sleeping with your head in the toilet bowl.
  7. Talking about the football game you watched last weekend is not whispering sweet nothings in her ear.
  8. Never give her a years membership to weight watchers no matter how many times since Christmas she has told you she wants to go.
  9. Accept the fact the rules for this day are never fair.
  10. Remember the rules always change.
Good Luck Guys! - You know you will need it!


  1. LOL...well said. I have a feeling gt will need to read this...and then apply it to his life...whatta think?

  2. I think he will just blame it on Hillary.

  3. LOL. Our local BIG florist delivers approx. 100 flower arrangements per day; on Feb.14 they deliver approx. 1,400. I love to watch the crazed men rush into the 24hr grocery in my bldg (I lead a boring life) around 7PM grabbing for any flowers/balloons they can.