Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

For all my single friends out there.

Remember that being alone on Valentine's Day is not a sign of your worth only a sign that you are worthy of the right person at the right time.
Remember that loving yourself is the first step to finding love.
Remember to indulge yourself a little to day. Buy that new dress you have your eye on. Go to the spa and let yourself be pampered. Eat something rich and decadent without guilt.
Remember that you are more unique and wonderful than you can ever know.


  1. That's a very sweet sentiment. Valentine's day never bothers me as a single person...I'm usually so damn cranky I don't know why Valentine's day doesn't bother me! LOL It's so unlike me!

    I think it's a sweet day and love seeing all the red & pink stuff around...and all the flowers and goofy gift ideas. Gee...maybe I'm not a curmudgeon afteral! Yikes!

  2. And remember you are saving money.

  3. Drowsey - in the curmudgeon category can I ask who you would be comparing yourself to? If it is who I think you are not even in the same league *LOL*

    Diane - you are so correct I didn't even think of that one. Heck the only people I did anything for was my daughters ( took them for dinner) and my Aunt bought her a bouquet of flowers. Yes indeed - you are so right and I might just indulge myself this weekend in a new camera !!!!!! Well after all I did save money this week and I am worth it! :))

  4. well on the scale of curmudgedom...I'm at the low end I'm sure. But still there. :D And speaking of you know who...don't we all look nice in that family photo? LOL

  5. Drowsey Monkey - we do indeed look positively smashing!