Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Story of Work

Well the weekend went by all too quickly yet again! I was out in the valley and I started thinking about Lorelei over on Musings and her problems with her job and then Diane on Stellarlife this week put up a list of all the jobs she has done in her life. It made me think about work and its effect on our lives.
I remember when I first started looking for a job. I didn't really need a resume. Lets face it washing dishes amd scraping scum off the floor at the burger joint doesn't exactly require much in the way of a skill set. I remember stammering while I told your prospective boss how good I was and how much I really liked home economics - yeah right! I convinced myself and my boss that I could think of nothing I would like better than to wash those pots and pans not to mention 100's of dishes every shift. Yes indeed it was the job of my dreams. Then the magic words YOUR HIRED - I was so happy about those words I ran home and phoned all my friends and promised to take them out for colas on my first pay cheque . I dreamed of what I would do with ALL that money. For days I walked on cloud nine planning my outfit for my first day and what a first day that was. When I got finished my shift I was covered with left over food, my new hairdo was drooping like wet dog fur despite the half can of super hold hairspray I used and my body hurt so bad that I wasn't sure I would make it home to collapse in to bed.
However, there was one consolation and one thing that made me keep going back the paycheck! I remember when I got that first cheque - holy crap! I thought I was rich! I had just worked my ass off for two weeks for a whole....... $89.96 bucks. Whoowee was I lucky or what?!
I went out on my day off and celebrated. Took my friends out for colas as promised went to a movie and had popcorn and felt like I was a genuine contributor to society. Of course I was also very broke, but the good news was that after just two more weeks of hell I would get another paycheck. There begins the whole story of my life and most of everyone else's life too.
One day of course I realized that I needed a better job so I continued at school and soon with diploma in hand I got that better job. Oh boy! I can still remember when two weeks later I got a $300.00 paycheck I thought that the sky was the limit. That was of course until I realized that now I had to pay rent and buy food and clothes for work and transportation. All this before I could even think of buying those colas or going to that movie.
Today of course if I got a three hundred dollar paycheck I would have a nervous break down trying to figure out how to live on that. Because now the job is better, but the bills are even higher. Now I need a car to get to work and the clothes have to be better and the rent is higher and on and on it goes.
One day you wake up and realize that it is the same shit different day or year however you want to look at it and instead of being excited about that next job you begin to wonder how to survive the next ten years of enslavement. You realize that in many ways you are still washing those dishes only this sink is bigger. That my dear friends is truly the story of work in a nutshell.

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  1. Amen. Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth and saying them for me! Same shit, different day.