Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Know For Sure....

One of these camels is smiling!


  1. Sand people will buy tickets to watch anything....

    re: the HillaryDillary...
    Its awfully hard to kill a demon from Hell,, just ask Gandalf....

  2. Yep...that's a smiling camel! How rude of everyone to stand around & watch! Unless they're exibitionist camels...I dunno.

  3. Oh...and I still love the template! :)

  4. Well the audience doesn't seem to have deterred this couple.

  5. Oh and drowsey both you and gt281 thought I needed a smiling camel remember?

  6. just a couple of 'quickie' questions...
    are you sure these two camels are not both male?...
    did they use 'protection'?...
    did sand get somewhere its not suppose to be?...
    did they have a camel cigarette after?...
    where any of Drowseys battery operated 'fun toys' involved?...
    was there any 'pillow' talk after or before?
    whats 'camel foreplay' called?
    did one of them fall asleep after?
    did one of them complain after?
    does size really matter?
    will someone steal the video and put in on the WEB later?
    which one is HillaryDillary?

  7. Exhibitionists! Someone should put a blanket over them.

  8. Oh yeah dreadful exhibitionist, but you have to admit one of them is at least smiling!

  9. Yes I remember! This wasn't exactly what I was picturing tho! LOL