Monday, February 04, 2008

Changing Templates like Changing My Undies!

Every day a new one! Not by choice. At home I use firefox for my browser and I love it I might add. At work I am forced to use IE and today when I checked my blog (on my lunch hour of course) my blog was all messed up. I thought it was that way because of the computers at work so when I got home and checked voila everything seemed to be okay until I decided to fire up IE and see if it was still okay there. NOPE! It was all messed up so I changed yet again and I am not very happy about it let me tell you. I am determined to find a design that I actually like one day and leave it that way for ... oh at least a month!


  1. When you get done rearranging the furniture,, let me know...My brain is getting soggy from all the changes...Did I ever tell you about the 'great' blog template
    I found?...camel included for no extra cost.......

  2. i guess i put my other comment on the wrong post. LOL

  3. I like your new templates. I especially like that you change them often because it's a good learning experience every time!!